Meet the Moms

wendy-famMeet Wendy. For more than 20 years, Wendy has promised her husband Aaron that “this pet will be the last.” Their kids, Gracie (11) and Ben (9), are still hoping to add a kitten to the brood of Great Danes, birds, fish and a few snails (that may or may not still be alive). On any given weekend, the family can be found kayaking, camping or debating whether Thor could beat The Hulk in arm wrestling.


tanya-famMeet Tanya. With four kids, Kip (15), Emme (13), Finn (11) and Chloe (6), as well as three crazy dogs, Tanya and her husband are never bored. In her “free time” (is there such a thing when you’re raising 4 kids and a husband?), Tanya loves to cook, travel, and add to her collection of boots (all bought on sale because #deals). She’ll never turn down a good discussion, a good glass of wine, or a good dose of reality TV.


katie-famMeet Katie. She’s a little bit newer to this parenting thing, but she’s a baby/toddler gear and research junkie. With the help of her super tall, super bearded husband, she’s raising the cutest little kids you’ll ever meet: Oliver (3) and Aveline (we’re still counting months over here). When she’s not trying to sustain life on caffeine and Netflix, you can find her and her crazy brood trying new recipes, restaurants, and coffee shops. She loves a spontaneous adventure and spending time with friends and family.


kim-famMeet Kim. She’s a veteran mom with 4 awesome kids: Zac (21), Gracie and Max (18 year old twins!), and Lily (15). With kids all over the learning spectrum (Max has autism), she has tons of insight and knowledge to share. She has a creative eye and spins out some of the best pottery on the planet in her free time, and she’s one of the coolest pastor’s wives around. She’d rather eat potato chips than almost anything, and she’s a great listener. (And no, her family isn’t normally in Hawaiian gear. #vacationpics)