LearningRx Reviews Guess in 10

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Similar to 20 questions but with 10 instead, this strategy card game can be played by anyone over age 6. (There are 10 themed games, which are sold separately. Version like “Cities Around the World” and “Legendary Landmarks” are for ages 8 and up.) Brain Benefits: strategy, working memory,… read more

LearningRx Reviews Magic Block Game (a.k.a. LBYMYB Cube for Two People)

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: It may look similar to the face of a Rubik’s cube, but this two-person game is played on a flat surface and only requires you to be the first person to match the pattern shown on the scrambler. Brain Benefits: planning, working memory, attention, visual processing, strategy What I… read more

LearningRx Reviews Wordplay Family Board Game

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Players race against one another (no waiting your turn!) in this fast-paced word game. Brain Benefits: attention, sound blending, memory, segmenting, auditory processing, processing speed What I love: This game is very similar to Scattegories in that you are assigned a letter and need to list words that begin… read more

LearningRx Reviews The 2020 Smart Mom’s Toy Box

LearningRx Shares 10 Award-Winning Toys and Games that Boost Brain Skills—all priced under $35!             For some of us, the pressures and stresses of the holidays guilt us into stockpiling useless gifts that often end up in the donation bin after gathering dust. But 2020 feels like the year for change, so why not start… read more

Election Night Game Review

Reviewed by Katelyn What it is: Playing Election Night is a fun way to learn about America’s electoral college and the process of voting. In playing the game, players will also brush up on their U.S. state geography through the colorful map on the double-sided game board. Furthermore, they will be challenged to use either… read more

LearningRx Reviews Kids Against Maturity Game

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This card game is the kid-friendly equivalent of “Cards Against Humanity.” Brain Benefits: attention, reading, visual and auditory processing, logic & reasoning, creativity, processing speed What I love: I absolutely LOVE “Cards Against Humanity” but don’t feel it’s appropriate for my tweens. That’s why I was so excited to… read more

LearningRx Reviews Dabble Game

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Dabble is a board game, mobile app, Facebook game and online game Brain Benefits: attention, visual and auditory processing, logic & reasoning, processing speed What I love: Most of my family loves word games like Scrabble and family game night has increased in frequency since Covid-19 is keeping us… read more

LearningRx Reviews IQ Puzzler Pro

IQ Puzzler LearningRx Review

  Reviewed by Wendy What it is: This travel game for kids and adults offers a variety of brain teasers (120 in total) for ages 6 and up. There are three playing modes in both 2D and 3D (think “pyramid” instead of checkers). Brain Benefits: attention, planning, problem-solving, visual processing, logic What I love: These… read more

LearningRx Reviews Guesstures Game

Guesstures LearningRx Review

Reviewed by Wendy What it is: Similar to charades, this game uses four cards (at a time) with words that must be acted out for your teammates to guess. Cards come with three options: an easier word for one point; a medium difficulty word for two points; and a hard word for three points. Brain Benefits:… read more

LearningRx Shreveport Reviews Speed Cups


Reviewed by Jeanne with LearningRx Shreveport What it is: Speed Cups is a fast-paced game for tow to four players. Each player has a set of five different colored cups. The first player turns over a picture card, and the race is on! Each player tries to be the first to stack or line up his/her cups in… read more