LearningRx Reviews Partners in Rhyme

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free online game is geared to early learners (think toddlers learning to read).

Brain Benefits: attention, auditory processing, sound blending, segmenting, sound analysis

What I love: This game uses 3 clues to help early learners develop skills to learn to read: cute illustrations, audio clips of pronunciation, and written words. The goal is to match the pairs of rhyming words. Additionally, it builds a foundation for a strong vocabulary in higher grades. Each screen has three pairs of rhyming words and players need to match all three pairs before progressing to the next round. A correct match rolls the pair off the screen, but incorrect matches just remain until the correct pairs are matched.

What I would change: Although most of the words were quite simple and could easily be recognized (by picture or sound), such as “cat” and “hat,” there were some words that seemed a bit too advanced for toddlers. The word and image of “sow” (to rhyme with “bow”) doesn’t seem easy enough for a 4-year-old to identify. Also, there aren’t very many rounds and once the level is completed, your only option is to replay using the same words.


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