LearningRx Reviews Cross Logic

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free online logic game is available on Google Play or in the from the App Store.

Brain Benefits: attention, logic, reasoning

What I love: I love games that test logic & reasoning but had no idea about Cross Logic until my 15-year-old showed it to me on her phone. It’s a combination of brain puzzles, quizzes and grid riddles (the latter of which you use to help you narrow down the clues to solve the puzzle). I highly recommend testing out the different levels because the easy grid riddles were less clue-like and more just simple facts that you checked off in the grid.

What I would change: The developer has some bugs to work out, especially at the higher levels of each category, but the company does seem receptive to feedback to help them fix the glitches. Also, there are a lot of ads and no pay option … yet.


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