LearningRx Reviews Quick Math

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free online Facebook math game doesn’t require any download or log-in.

Brain Benefits: processing speed, attention, visual processing, math skills, memory

What I love: I love math games and this fast-paced game is no exception! There’s a bit of a time pressure with each question, and the visual of a bar cascading down the frame quickly is a bit intimidating, but the math (addition) equations range from very basic (2 + 2) to medium (732 + 21). The game gives you three choices for answers (two incorrect and one correct), which helps tremendously because the potential correct responses generally aren’t similar, allowing you to rule out incorrect answers. You can also change your answer as long as the bar hasn’t reached its final destination yet to end the question.

What I would change: I’d like to see some additional forms of math (e.g., multiplication, division, subtraction). Those may come much letter in the game, but I only got as far as the simple addition.


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