LearningRx Reviews Guess in 10

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Similar to 20 questions but with 10 instead, this strategy card game can be played by anyone over age 6. (There are 10 themed games, which are sold separately. Version like “Cities Around the World” and “Legendary Landmarks” are for ages 8 and up.)

Brain Benefits: strategy, working memory, planning, attention, processing speed, visual processing

What I love: I’ve always loved the verbal game “20 questions” but this game takes a more visual approach. Each box contains 50 game cards and 6 clue cards and because the cards have images and fun facts, even younger kids that may not know (or remember) a lot of details about specific animals can play.

What I would change: The box says 2 to 6 players, but I think you can play with two people. Also, some of the reviews indicated that there were errors on the cards in a couple of the boxes but they may have been fixed by now.


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