LearningRx Reviews Magic Block Game (a.k.a. LBYMYB Cube for Two People)

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: It may look similar to the face of a Rubik’s cube, but this two-person game is played on a flat surface and only requires you to be the first person to match the pattern shown on the scrambler.

Brain Benefits: planning, working memory, attention, visual processing, strategy

What I love: It’s a race against your opponent to be the first player to move your tiles so the inner 3×3 square’s pattern matches the pattern on the scrambler. When you complete the task, slap down the center frame to show you won. I love how simple and colorful this game is. It can be played countless times (just shake the scrambler to reveal a new pattern each time). I think it would be easy to play alone too; just add a timer and try to beat your own time on matching the pattern. This game says for ages 7 and up but they definitely show younger kids playing it!

What I would change: Although I love the simplicity of the game, I think it would be fun to have a version with a larger board (4 x 4 tiles) and maybe have some color options.


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