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Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free Facebook game is very similar to Scattergories.

Brain Benefits: attention, segmenting, auditory processing, processing speed, memory

What I love:  My family LOVES the board game Scattergories so I knew I’d love this game. The game starts with you choosing between a random opponent or playing against Facebook friends. The game randomly choosing categories (e.g., names of countries, things you try to keep hidden, 3-letter words, etc.) and one letter of the alphabet that each word needs to start with. When the letter is easy, such as B, you or your opponent may quickly think of responses to each category and then hit “stop.” But when the letter is X, for example, it’s more a struggle to come up with answers for each of the questions. Personally, I love the questions that give you room for creativity, such as “things best friends never do,” vs. “fruits,” which have limited right or wrong answers. Best of two rounds takes the prize.

What I would change: As with other free games, you’re required to sit through ads, but at least they’re short.


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