LearningRx Reviews 2 Photos, 1 Word

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: The object of this free Facebook game is to determine how the two photos combine to create one unique word. For example, a cup and a slice of cake would be “cupcake.”

Brain Benefits: attention, visual processing, memory, sound blending, segmenting, logic & reasoning

What I love: Although some of these clues are quite obvious, others require some creative thinking! For example, although there is an image of a full cup, the hint may not be the word “cup” but rather whatever is inside the cup. Likewise, an image of a female could be a clue for woman, girl, face, mom, etc. When I get stuck, I look at the remaining letters to try to determine which possible words the image could be alluding to. Most of the answers are 7- or 8-word compounds, such as “bookworm” or “spaceship,” so the skill level is seems quite easy for the first few rounds.

What I would change: I’d like the option to change the difficulty. It’s frustrating to have to work through so many simple questions to get to the harder levels.


Find the site here.

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