LearningRx Reviews Lumeno

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free online game is similar to a bubble-popping challenge.

Brain Benefits: attention, visual processing, planning, strategy,

What I love:  This is a bright, colorful game has players dragging through like-colored dots to clear room on the board. Drag through boost to clear more dots or through a flower to earn more moves. I really love that the dots “light up” (hence the name “Lumeno”) so you know what you’re clicking on. There’s a leaderboard with daily, weekly and monthly high scores so you can compare your own score to the best (logged-in) players. I appreciate that there’s no timer to increase the pressure.

What I would change: I’m still a bit confused about what boosters clear and the directions for the game are quite basic. Although there are ads between games, it’s still free to play.


Find the site here.

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