LearningRx Reviews Facebook’s Hexa 7

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free online game from Facebook doesn’t require you to get an app or download anything.

Brain Benefits: attention, visual processing, planning, strategy

What I love: This visual process game requires you to plan and strategize in order to choose the best position for each new colorful hexagon or combination of hexagons. Place the new hexagon into the playing field so it’s adjacent to a similar piece. Match 3 or more (touching) and the old pieces will clear from the board. Once the board fills with hexagons, your turn will end. The game reminds me of Tetris in terms of fitting colored shapes into the best possible location to clear parts of the board. If you enjoy games that require visual processing and planning, this is a very fun option!

What I would change: There are frequent video advertisements that I’d rather not have to view, but it’s a free game and no app or download is required, so they need to earn their money somehow!


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