LearningRx Reviews Wordplay Family Board Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Players race against one another (no waiting your turn!) in this fast-paced word game.

Brain Benefits: attention, sound blending, memory, segmenting, auditory processing, processing speed

What I love: This game is very similar to Scattegories in that you are assigned a letter and need to list words that begin with that letter. But the difference with Wordplay is the spinner determines TWO letters and the category for each round. Everyone gets 3 minutes to write down as many words as they can that fit the category and use the two letters. So, if the letters are B and N and the category is “Places,” you’d get 3 points for Boston (which begins with a B and ends with an N). If you wrote “Barcelona,” you’d get 2 points (For starting the word with B, and using the word N in the word—even though it’s not at the end—with a word that fits the category.) If you wrote Band, you’d get 1 point for starting the word with B and including N somewhere in the word, but not fitting the category (“Places”). Every point moves you forward on the board with a goal to reach the end first. Although the game is labeled for ages 13 and up, I think some slightly younger kids could play as well as some adults!

What I would change: Each notepad comes with 25 sheets. I think it would be easy to go through these after playing a few times per year, so I recommend making photocopies to keep on hand.


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