LearningRx Reviews Make Tens Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Make Tens is a free Facebook game that challenges you to group dice together in an effort to total 10 on a line.

Brain Benefits: attention, visual processing, math skills, strategy, planning

What I love: Make Tens is like “Tetris meets math.” Think of it as block-dropping Sudoku that requires basic addition skills. The object is to drop dice onto the board to make any row or column total 10, which then clears that row or column. Sounds easy enough, until you realize there are stacks or varying shapes of attached dice! The good news is, you can rotate the shapes of the dice clusters—just like in Tetris—to alter the placement of the blocks. But the game gets harder as the board fills, leaving fewer options to place dice and therefore, fewer options to get a row or column to total 10 and clear a board. I like the lack of time pressure; this game is more about testing your planning and strategy than processing speed. But the challenge increases quickly with every choice that create a row or column that adds up to 10.

What I would change: I think the option to remove the totals for each column or row would force the player’s hand to do math on the fly. It almost feels like a cheat to be able to quickly skim the totals on the grid. Also, although the directions for the game are pretty easy to figure out, it would be nice to have some clear guidance from the start.


Find the site here.

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