LearningRx Reviews Dicedom Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Dicedom is a free Facebook game that challenges you to group three-of-a-kind numbers using math.

Brain Benefits: attention, visual processing, math skills, strategy, planning

What I love: The game provides you with a grid of numbers (typically—but not limited to—1 through 6). Your goal is to group them into three adjacent same numbers (e.g., 4, 4, 4) by using the “factor dice” at the bottom of the screen to increase or decrease numbers. For example, use the +2 factor die to turn a 3 into a 5, use a -1 factor die to turn a 6 into a 5, and use the +1 die to turn a 4 into a 5. This, in turn, would create three 5s next to each other, which removes them from the grid and slides the remaining dice into position. It’s important to note that despite its name, the numbers in Dicedom aren’t limited to the numbers 1-6. (I saw a lone 7 in Round 1!) There are some “cheats.” The hammer gets rid of a single die and the barbershop pole deletes and entire column, although I didn’t find it necessary to use either. You can invite your Facebook friends to play or post a general message on Facebook inviting others to join you.

What I would change: I didn’t play the game long enough to find out how difficult it gets as you move up in difficulty, but I think it would be more challenging if the “factor dice” expanded beyond +2, +1, -1, and -2. In addition, I couldn’t find any clear directions to determine how to play the game, although it was relatively easy to figure out.


Find the site here.

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