LearningRx Reviews Word Wipe Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Word Wipe is an online game that has you join letters to form words.

Brain Benefits: attention, visual processing, processing speed, auditory processing, strategy, planning

What I love: I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the time pressure on this. It reminds me of Boggle in that the goal is to join letters to form words. It differs from Boggle in that once you use a letter, it disappears from the screen and the blocks move vertically or horizontally to fill the gaps. This requires some strategy so that you don’t end up with big blocks of consonants with no vowel within reach, although there is a “bonus bomb” that you can deploy to break up less-than-desirable clusters of letters. The bigger the word, the higher the score. It took me a couple tries to realize I had to drag the mouse from letter to letter rather than simply clicking on it (or double-click on the last letter in your word) in order to submit it as an entry for points, but once I understood that, it was very fun! You can also continue submitting words after you meet the goal to charge “bonus bombs.”

What I would change: I wish there would be different color letters and backgrounds and maybe some more interesting design elements. This is a fun game but feels very basic.


Find the site here.

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