Election Night Game Review

Reviewed by Katelyn

What it is: Playing Election Night is a fun way to learn about America’s electoral college and the process of voting. In playing the game, players will also brush up on their U.S. state geography through the colorful map on the double-sided game board. Furthermore, they will be challenged to use either their addition or multiplication skills during game play. Election Night is for anyone ages 8 and up, so your children or students can start learning more about the electoral college at an early age! As well as the colorful map on the game board, a list of all states’ required number of electoral college votes lines either side of the board; it also includes an area to mark off electoral votes as players collect them. The game is played between two players or teams and the goal is to become the President of the United States by winning the majority of the 270 electoral college votes. The game board is double-sided to have two versions of the game – an addition version (blue side), as well as a multiplication version (red side). Players choosing the addition version will roll the unique 1-12-sided dice and choose specific sums to mark off states on the map. Logic and reasoning will be at play as the players try to determine whether to use their sums to win a state right away (for states that have a smaller number of electoral votes) or to use them towards winning a state worth more votes. Turning to the multiplication version on the other side of the game board, players will roll dice and choose specific products to mark off states on the map. This version also contains strategy cards to be used throughout the game. While the game contains the colors red and blue, it is not about encouraging Republican versus Democrat, but about teaching the overall electoral college process in a fun and challenging way.

Brain Benefits: Logic and reasoning; mathematics skills; memory

Board Game – Winner of 2019 Parents Choice Gold Award

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