LearningRx Reviews Riveted

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Riveted by Simon Teen is an online community for free young adult fiction.

Brain Benefits: attention, visual processing, auditory processing

What I love: It’s easy to find free books for children, but with concerns about the in-person experience at our local libraries, I wanted to find some free books for my teen daughter. The selection of books is somewhat limited, but they rotate the options so you’ve always got new choices. October has mostly “spooky” books, but if you’re worried your reader will have nightmares, just wait for a new batch in November. The site also has some fun videos and lots of interactive quizzes, such as “What character would you be in a YA thriller?” and “Pick your fave character from Little Women.” There’s a blog that features articles and lists like “17 Banned Books and Why They Were Banned” and “8 Books That Feature Real History.” It’s free to registered for an account to access free reads and you’ll get the Riveted newsletter that includes book news, reading recommendations and giveaways.

What I would change: For October especially, I’d like to see rating on the books to know just how scary (vs. suspenseful or outright violent) they are. It might be good to have ratings on all the books so parents know what time of language or situations their kids will be exposed to.


Find the site here.

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