LearningRx Reviews Reader’s Digest Brain Games Page

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Reader’s Digest has a new brain games page

Brain Benefits: attention, memory, visual processing, logic & reasoning

What I love: If you’re like me and love brain games, it’s always exciting to find a new website or page with variety! So many of the game apps only offer one type of puzzle/brain teaser (e.g., soduko, word games, math brain teasers, etc.), which is why I was so excited to find this new page on Reader’s Digest’s website. They also offer a good mix in terms of difficulty and the answers are readily available before each brain teaser. If you have tweens or teens, these brain games may be surprisingly on target in terms of difficulty, since you don’t necessarily need knowledge (like you might for say, trivia games or a crossword puzzle). From anagrams and mazes to word play and math problems, if you’re looking for challenging brain games, this is a great free option!

What I would change: Since you could do most of these 83 brain games over a weekend, I’d love to see more added every month!


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