LearningRx Reviews Crash Course Videos

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Crash Course is a collection of free high-quality educational videos

Brain Benefits: attention, visual and auditory processing, logic & reasoning

What I love: My daughter (almost 15) turned me onto these animated videos that give quick summaries on a variety of topics from history and science to psychology and entrepreneurship. If you take just one broad subject, such as U.S. History, you can then choose from very specific animated videos to get a rundown of the basics. For example, under U.S. History, you might choose the Sixties, the End of the Cold War, Immigrant Cities or Women’s Suffrage. These YouTube videos really work for all ages because there are two channels: Crash Course and Crash Course Kids. Some of the videos can provide support for homework, such as when kids need to write a paper and want to do supplemental research. My kids, for example, were reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” for school. There are animated videos that talk about the plot of the book, but also cover Harper Lee’s personal life and her long association with Truman Capote, who is incorporated into the book as a character.

What I would change: I’d love to see more books covered in this series to support assignments from common reading lists at schools across the United States.


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