LearningRx Reviews Dabble Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Dabble is a board game, mobile app, Facebook game and online game

Brain Benefits: attention, visual and auditory processing, logic & reasoning, processing speed

What I love: Most of my family loves word games like Scrabble and family game night has increased in frequency since Covid-19 is keeping us home more. I had heard about Dabble (which is similar to Scrabble in some ways) but was disappointed that the board game is either sold out, overpriced due to limited availability ($50+ on Amazon!) or only available in used condition through sites like eBay. I played it online alone, which isn’t nearly as fun as playing with the family, but it was still a great challenge. The concept is simple: Each player gets 20 tiles that they use to make a 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-letter word. The first player to spell five words using their 20 tiles wins. But the other players can still accumulate points with the words they spelled correctly. (Like scrabble, each letter has a point value.) It’s a great game to help build vocabulary, spelling and processing speed and the box version is geared for ages 8 and older with 2 to 4 players. Dabble has racked up at least 9 awards, including the National Association for Gifted Children Top Billing. If you can find it for sale online, I recommend buying the game. Otherwise, play on one of the alternative platforms: on the Dabble mobile app, on Facebook, on your browser or via Edmodo, an educational social network.

What I would change: I’d love to find a new box edition of the board game. They are more than $50 on Amazon and most of the other versions are new, so I ended up playing the online version in the browser on my desktop. Rerelease the board game!


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