LearningRx Reviews ProProfs Hangman Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free Hangman game is available online and offers a variety of subjects to choose from, including Life Stages, Teen Jobs, Teen Life 2, Colonial Life, Find the Secret Message and more.

Brain Benefits: attention, sound blending, phonemic awareness, visual processing, logic

What I love: I’ve always loved Hangman – especially because it was simple enough to play on road trips and my parents were avid readers. It brings back good childhood memories but it’s also fun to pass the pastime down to my own children. One thing I really love is that you can create your own Hangman game! You can name your hangman, add a description of any instructions for users and then add your game words. It’s a great way to work on your kids’ vocabulary as well as their interest in reading and writing.

What I would change: The website isn’t very visually stimulating and some of the categories are a bit vague or confusing (“Adverb of Frequency”?). I do like that they have some teen-related categories.


Available from ProPros

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