LearningRx Reviews Word Collect App

Word Collect App for iPhone and Android Review

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free app offers word puzzle games that get progressively more difficult with each level. Just swipe to select letters in any director to form the hidden words based on how many letters you’re shown.

Brain Benefits: Segmenting, logic & reasoning, attention, visual processing, sound blending, processing speed

What I love: This is a very relaxing game for word-lovers without the pressure of a super-fast timer. I would recommend this game for kids because the first couple dozen levels are VERY easy. I blew through 30 levels in about 5 minutes because the words were only two to four letters each. If you’re stuck in a doctor’s office without wifi, this free app could be a lifesaver to keep a kid occupied. It’s similar to doing a word search puzzle, except you have to determine which words to assemble rather than referring to a list. Depending on the child, a tween might also enjoy this.

What I would change: I would label this game for kids—at least for the first 50 levels or so. It’s probably too easy for most adults, especially those of us that already play Scrabble and other word-related games quite regularly.


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