LearningRx Shreveport Reviews Quoridor Game

Reviewed by Chas with LearningRx Shreveport, LA

What it is: A strategy game for 2-4 players, where each player’s goal is to advance their peg to the opposite side of the playing board. However, each player has a set number of walls that can be placed during each player’s turn, instead of moving their peg. Soon, your path has been blocked and you have to find a new way around the wall. You don’t want to put up all of your walls too early, or your opponent can gain an advantage. It is a fun and fast paced game that will have you wanting to play another round.

Brain BenefitsTeaches strategy, as you have to learn when to be aggressive and defensive. You also learn to be adaptive, since an opponents’ turn can throw off your own game plan.

What I love: It can be fast paced, and game ends quickly giving you time to play more and more rounds.

What I’d change: I’d change the board build, as the walls don’t always fit into place and the pegs can fall out of position easily.


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