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Chickapig LearningRx CharlottesvilleReviewed by LearningRx Charlottesville

What it is: This engaging table-top board game is easy to learn but will challenge thinkers of any age! Players compete to be the first to direct their chicken-pig hybrids across a board through their goal while impeding opponents’ chickapigs and avoiding consequences from the pooping cow.

Brain BenefitsAttention, logic & reasoning, working memory, visual processing

What I love: Suggested for players ages 8 years and older, Chickapig is appealing to children and adults, is easy to learn, and has high replay value due to its depth. Kids and kids-at-heart love the whimsical, tongue-in-cheek design. The mechanics of moving chickapigs, hay bales, and cow and the role of the positive Daisy cards and negative Poop cards can be mastered in a few minutes. This is a challenging strategy game in disguise, however; successful play depends on long-range planning, dividing attention between offensive and defensive moves, and adaptability to an ever-shifting field of obstacles. Players interested in honing their keen strategy skills and crushing their friends at “farmer’s chess” will return again and again, as will spunky players interested in thwarting their friends and family members with tastefully hand-drawn cow poop. Games typically last less than 30 minutes and house rules are encouraged. Chickapig is a great go-to strategy game that will easily become a family or game-group favorite.

What I’d change: The game structure requires either two or four players or teams; third wheels are out of luck!


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