LearningRx Shreveport Reviews Rush Hour Game

Reviewed by Katelyn from LearningRx Shreveport

What it is: Rush Hour is a fun learning game for anyone ages 8 and up (there is also a Junior version for ages 5 and up, but I didn’t review that one). The game consists of a small, plastic grid-like game board that has a movable tray with a set of challenge cards inside; it also comes with a convenient drawstring bag to store all the small, colorful plastic cars. It’s advertised on the box as being a single player game, but I know from personal experience that the challenges can also be figured out in small groups, especially as players move into the advanced and expert challenges. The challenge of every card is to arrange the plastic cars onto the game board grid in the same way they are arranged on said card. Every card will include the red car because the goal for each one is to slide all the cars around until you are able to get the red car out of the “traffic jam” it’s caught in. The challenge cards start out at beginner level and work all the way to expert. It’s challenging for your brain in a very fun (and sometimes frustrating!) way. I personally tried it out with several coworkers of varying ages, as well as playing it on my own and had fun both times. I also had my mom and an 11 year old student each try it out on their own and both had so much fun and didn’t want to stop playing. This tells me it’s fun for all ages. Players won’t want to quit trying to figure out each challenge card until they get that little red car free! Good for hours of brainy fun!

Brain Benefits: logic and reasoning skills are put to the test!

What I love: It’s so much fun trying to figure these logic puzzles out, whether with a few friends or on your own. There’s something very satisfying about getting that little red car free each and every time you do it!

What I’d change: Even more challenge cards so the fun can keep going!


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