LearningRx Reviews Sugar Blast App

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This fun and very colorful candy-gathering app might seem like a kid’s game, but it’s actually really fun for adults too!

Brain Benefits: visual processing, logic & reasoning, attention

What I love: The graphics on this game are really bright and colorful, which makes it appealing to any age. The goal is to tap groups of matching candies to clear them. Plus, if you get four or more candies together at once, they turn into a Choco candy “power bomb” that clears a bunch of candies at once. You can even combine Chocos to make a “super bomb.” You can win rewards like boosters and infinite lives on the different levels and there are even ways to team up with friends (or other players). There are in-app purchases too, but I went through numerous rounds and never needed to buy anything. Although you’re limited in the number of moves you can make to finish the level, there’s no timer, which I like. It feels less stressful and more relaxing than games that have a countdown clock.

What I would change: Playing on your phone is a bit hard because the bubbles are so tiny compared to adult fingers. It might be nice to have a version with larger bubbles to make it easier to touch them.


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