LearningRx Reviews Word Hookup App

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This fun word-building app challenges you to connect letters with paths to make words—but you have to take a path that covers the entire board!

Brain Benefits: visual processing, sound blending, segmenting, logic & reasoning, attention

What I love: This game goes beyond the standard “rearrange the letters to make words.” The twist is that you have to drag your finger across the correct path; the only path that forms the word while covering all the squares on the board. The background does sometimes provide hints by showing pictures of the theme for that level (e.g., animals when the words are “bear” or “lion”), but you can also form Star Words. These are other words (besides the word you’re aiming to figure out) that can be made using the letters for that level (so “bear” may have a star word of “bare”). The Rookie levels are pretty easy, but the words get more difficult as your progress. There are also expert levels that have multiple words in one puzzle. If you like Scrabble and Boggle, you’ll probably like this game (but only when you get to the challenging rounds!)

What I would change: As usual, there are tons of ads between rounds. I understand that these ads help keep the game free, but it’s a bit frustrating.


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