LearningRx Reviews the Word Trip App

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This fun app provides on-the-go fun for word lovers. Just stich together the letters to form words of varying lengths.

Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention, sound blending, segmenting

What I love: My daughter (14) is addicted to this game. One night she asked me to help her with a couple words she couldn’t get and I got addicted! Typically, you’ll need to rearrange the letters to come up with all the words on their lists, which are usually three to seven letters. They’re also alphabetical, so that helps you determine what the missing words might start with (e.g., RATS, ?, TARS = missing word is STAR). You earn points for completing each level, and there are even bonus words that give you extra points. I’ve never had to use a hint, but some of these words are really challenging!

What I would change: I’d rather tap on the letter than drag my finger across from each one because sometimes your finger drags to the wrong letter and you have to try again.


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