LearningRx Reviews the Exploratorium Website

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Exploratorium is actually a public learning laboratory in San Francisco, but the website itself also helps kids, teens and adults explore the world through science, art and human perception.

Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, working memory, auditory processing, attention

What I love: The website has more than 35,000 pages of content, film screenings, evening art and science events for adults, plus much more. If your kids like science (or doesn’t, but you want them to), this is a great site to get them involved in exploration and experimentation. From cooking and optical illusions to culture and tinkering, there’s an endless number of topics under the “Explore” tab. There are also ways to search by activities, apps, blogs, exhibits, videos and website.

What I would change: The site is a little confusing in terms of what’s available for activities on the website vs. the lab in San Francisco, but once you learn to navigate it, you can find plenty of things to explore. I also didn’t see a way to search by age, which would help distinguish which activities are for little ones vs. tweens or teens.


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