LearningRx Reviews Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Board Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This traditional trivia game pits kids against adults with two separate sets of cards. Players move around the board collecting different colored pieces of “pie” to fill their game piece before their opponents.

Brain Benefits: attention, logic & reasoning, memory

What I love: I grew up playing Trivial Pursuit with my extended family. It’s one of my favorite memories but my kids are still tweens so I figured the adult version might be too advanced (or dated). I know my kids; if they don’t get a good portion of the questions correct they’ll get bored. So, imagine how excited I was to find the family edition of Trivial Pursuit! The game is geared to anyone 8 and over and there are two sets of cards. The blue cards are for adults and the yellow cards are for kids. There are 1,200 questions total, which sounds like a lot but you can burn through them quickly!

What I’d change: We need a refill pack of cards but the only ones I found were $45.


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