LearningRx Reviews Catch Phrase Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This electronic version of the TV show has players giving clues to their teammates to help them guess the word or phrase on the screen. The first team to reach 7 points wins.

Brain Benefits: attention, logic & reasoning, auditory processing, memory, processing speed

What I love: This is a fast-paced game that reminds me of the old “$25,000 Pyramid” TV show I grew up with. There’s some pressure, because you only have a limited amount of time to get your teammates to guess correctly. There are five different categories to choose from: Everyday Life, Fun & Games, Entertainment, The World, and Variety. Although this version has 5,000 words and phrases, there are other versions (and a board game version) too, so if you play all these, you can buy a different one. The game says ages 12 and up, which makes sense because younger kids may not know the phrases.

What I’d change: I was trying to find Catch Phrase Jr. so my kids could play but they’re all used or $100. I’d love to see a re-release of the kids’ version.


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