LearningRx Reviews Tynker Coding Website

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Tynker is a learn-to-code website that was named the No. 1 coding platform for kids. The site uses visual code blocks that represent real programming concepts (like “walk” and “jump” and “start”).

Brain Benefits: attention, visual processing, sound manipulation, memory, logic & reasoning, auditory processing, math skills

What I love: The site is divided into 6 “maker” programs: Control Toys, Create Apps, MOD Minecraft, Build Games, Explore Stem, and Learning Coding Languages. You can sign up for free to do some basic coding or view the various pricing plans ($20/month for quarterly; $10/month for yearly; or $240 for lifetime). The coding is divided up into different courses by age, skill level and interest. But for kids who want to jump in with the free version, you can just click on “Play” and get started. The projects range from Barbie Pet Vet and Monster High to Hot Wheels and Candy Quest. These projects walk you through the very basics. For example, you can move the coding blocks that say “walk” to get a puppy to walk toward a bone.

What I’d change: The site is a little confusing to navigate. Once you get into a project, it’s pretty easy to understand, but getting to the projects your child wants may take a few tries.


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