LearningRx Reviews That’s It! Game

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This family-friendly card game is very easy to play and really fun! The box has 200 cards, 12 tokes and the rules (which are simple).

Brain Benefits: attention, auditory processing, logic & reasoning, processing speed

What I love: My husband and I played this a couple weeks ago with our 11-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. We had a blast! In fact, we played two other games but then went back to this game at the end of the night. I was shocked at how simple it was and the thing I loved most (besides it being so fun) is that it’s really multi-generational. There were very few questions that my son couldn’t answer as well as the rest of us. For example, if the direction on the card is “Name something you find in a toolbox,” everyone yells out answers until someone yells the answer that’s on the card (e.g., “wrench”). The answer isn’t always the first thing people think of! The person who guesses the answer correctly gets a token. At the end of the round, the person with the most tokens wins. A round can go VERY fast, so we ended up playing over and over again.

What I’d change: I think it would be helpful to have different versions of this game: one for just kids, one for teens, one for adults and one for families. There were a couple questions that NO ONE got because they were so difficult. (“Name a country in South America.”)


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