LearningRx Reviews the DuoLingo App

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This free language-learning apps uses simple tutorials to improve your communication skills and learn basic words and phrases. The app helps you practice speaking, reading, listening and writing in other languages.

duolingo learningrx review

Brain Benefits: sound blending, segmenting, attention, visual processing, memory, auditory processing

What I love: There’s a free version of this app so you can try it out. You start by choosing your goal: Casual (5 minutes/day), Regular (10 minutes/day), Serious (15 minutes/day) or Intense (20 minutes/day). (You can always change your goals later). You can choose from one of several languages, and then indicate if you’re a beginner or, if you’re not a beginner, you can take a placement test. You can learn useful phrases and simple words about family, travel, shopping, school, people, eating and more. Sometimes you’ll get words or phrases in English to translate, sometimes it’s the other way around and you need to decipher the word or match the pairs of words (English to the language of your choosing). (A lot depends on how you score in the placement test.) There are also tips throughout (e.g., masculine and feminine words) and bonuses. Spanish was my minor in college, but I definitely need a refresher! This is a great way to commit to a little bit each day in order to kick-start your memory (or learn a new language).

What I’d change: The navigation is a little confusing and it took me a minute to figure out how to “reverse” a mistake (click on the word you placed incorrectly).


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