LearningRx Reviews Magnetic Tangrams Book

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This book of tangram puzzles comes with seven colorful magnetic pieces that can be used to create 360 different objects, like animals, boats, people and geometric figures.

Brain Benefits: visual processing, logic & reasoning, attention

What I love: If you do a lot of road trips, commuting or just sitting in the car waiting for older siblings to get out of school or practice, this is a good piece to keep kids entertained! Kids simply look at the black image (for example, a bunny) and try to recreate it using the magnets of different colors and shapes. This puzzle is harder than it looks because some of the pieces are similar in size and the same shape, but it’s a great visual processing challenge for kids and adults alike.

What I’d change: I’d love to see a more complicated version of this with more magnets for older kids. I also think $25 is a bit expensive, but maybe they sell similar items on other websites.


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