LearningRx Reviews the do2Learn website

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: This site is dedicated to children with special needs, their parents and teachers. It was started in 1996 thanks to an NIH Small Business Innovation Research grant and gets more than 11 million views each month! There are printable picture cards designed to foster communication in children with autism, as well as elementary-level worksheets for math, visual discrimination, literacy, behavior management and more.

Brain Benefits: Visual processing, auditory processing, attention, logic & reasoning, communication, behavior modification

What I love: I love that this site goes beyond a general approach to special needs and breaks things down into categories to be more specific. For example, the disabilities section has a dropdown to “Characteristics and Strategies” that allows you to further specialize to things like Intellectual Disabilities, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Speech or Language Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury and Twice Exceptional, among others. The Picture Cards are great! They vary from personal care (toileting, hygiene and grooming, clothing, etc.), home & school (food, leisure activities, school and everyday activities) to Calendar & Weather and Personal Safety. My favorite component on the site is the emotions color wheel, which helps children visually group feelings and define them, and gives examples (include images) of each.

What I’d change: The site feels a bit dated and requires Flash Player to perform some of the tasks like the Emotions Color Wheel. The site isn’t kid-friendly but rather designed with adults in mind.


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