LearningRx Alpharetta and Atlanta-Buckhead, GA Reviews Broken Brain Podcast

Reviewed by: Susie with LearningRx Alpharetta and Atlanta-Buckhead, GA

What it is:  The Broken Brain Podcast is an extension of the conversations that Dr. Mark Hyman, a functional medicine practitioner, started during the Broken Brain Docuseries:  https://brokenbrain.com/trailer/ .  This series addresses the root causes of a terrifying and growing epidemic that ranges from ADHD, autism, anxiety, concussions, depression, brain injuries, dementia, Alzheimer’s and everything in between!

Brain Benefits:  The interviews span various topics that affect brain health and healing that we CAN control including food as medicine, the gut-brain connection, meditation, sleep and ways to get our children outside!  All the episodes have tips and tricks that you can start today!

What I Love:  A new guest is featured each week to dive deeper into the topics of brain health, longevity and living out best life!  I feel empowered to know that there are more ideas on changing or enhancing my families lives that I can share!

What I Would Change:  You have to be open to new ideas, and change, to enjoy this podcast.  This is a fairly new podcast, so I wish there were more episodes.  I listen to them while I’m on the treadmill [to kill two birds with one stone :)]  and have finished them all.  I can’t wait for more!  However, at the time of this review you can still download the Broken Brain Docuseries and watch for free for a limited time!  I’m going to do that right now!


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