Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: Funology is a website that offers offline activities, such as crafts, science experiments, magic, games, recipes, jokes, riddles, trivia and more.

Brain Benefitsvisual processing, attention, logic & reasoning, planning, hand-eye coordination

What I love: Anything that gets our kids off technology gets a thumbs up. If it also encourages them to be creative, use science, appreciate art or allows them to make a toy that they’ll actually play with too, it gets two thumbs up! Many of the homemade toy projects can be done with things you already have around the house and I love the fact that there’s a whole section on crafts to build with recycled items. (My son is always pulling things out of our recycling box and asking me, “Mom, what should I build?” Now he can check this website for ideas!) Remember tin-can stilts? Or lunch-bag puppets? I also love that they have healthy snacks and recipes and there are some fun games that even work for parties.

What I would change: The site is a bit sparse. I’d love to see more ideas and maybe some additional images to help explain some of the projects.



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