Discovery Kids

Reviewed by Wendy

What it is: An online kids’ site based on similar themes from the Discovery Channel (nature, animals, sports, science, etc.). The site is divided into videos, games, explore, shop and “Brave Wilderness,” the latter of which is a channel that introduces kids to animals and various adventures.

Brain Benefits: The games on the site build all kinds of cognitive skills: visual and auditory processing, logic & reasoning, memory, attention and processing speed. There are also subskills like strategy and planning, as well as things like curiosity and creativity.

What I love: I like that these games are unique and interesting compared to the usual “memory match” or “find the difference” games found on so many other sites. For example, kids can make their own rollercoaster or design their own cake. The Volcano Explorer is pretty cool—especially for kids like mine who are learning about volcanoes in school. They even let you build your own volcano and watch it erupt! The site also has activities (things to do at home) and I especially love the Explore section. It’s a clean, organized, simple but informational section that lets kids learn more about a variety of topics, from pets and space to dinosaurs and food. It’s a very visually appealing site that is easy for any kid to navigate. There are so crazy surprises too—like the game that tells you what parasite you can get from which pets and what its symptoms are!

What I would change: There’s no way to tell what age range games are for until you play it. It would be nice to have everything be searchable by age.


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