LearningRx Reviews the 2017 Smart Mom’s Toy Box – the BEST Brainy Toys for the Whole Family

What it is: 2017 Smart Mom’s Toy Box

Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention, auditory processing, memory, processing speed

What We Love: Every year this annual list of brain-boosting toys helps parents mine some gems from the thousands of toys lining the shelves at the big-box stores. This year’s list is particularly fun because it contains classic games that you’ll likely recognize from YOUR childhood! Remember the rhythms and colorful flashing foursome of blue, green, red and yellow on Simon? Or the commercial catchphrase, “You sank my battleship!” Or how about the most iconic puzzle of the ‘80s, Rubik’s Cube? Yes, these are all oldies but goodies—even more so now that you know they’re brain boosters! So, whether you’re looking for something for that only child, siblings or family game night, this list has you covered. There’s also a handy “Games for Skills” chart that parents can download for free and take to the store to help determine which popular games build what skills.

What We Would Change: Maybe next year include more games that kids can play alone.


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