Reviewed by Wendy

Braingle ScreenshotWhat it is: I’ve always loved brain teasers, word puzzles, optical illusions, trivia and the like. My dad was an English major and later became a writer, so we’ve always geeked out on stuff like this together. He bought me a subscription to Games magazine and I remember taking turns yelling out spoonerisms (it’s a real thing—look it up!) while running errands in his “Blue Bomber” Oldsmobile in the early ‘80s. Other times, he’d offer up cheesy Dad brain teasers like, “If your nose runs and your feet smell, what’s Braingle-Appwrong with you?” (ANSWER: “You’re built upside down.”) If you enjoy racking your brain, playing “Clue” or “Trivial Pursuit,” this app will give you a variety of fun cognitive workout options. If nothing else, it might bring back some childhood memories.

Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention, memory, math computations

What I love: This app has a good variety of subjects to choose from. If you don’t enjoy math problems, choose the language or letter equations puzzles. The logic and reasoning puzzles are among my favorites, and you can choose based on difficulty or rating by other users. There are categories for Mystery, Optical Illusions, Science and Probability, among many others. My daughter loves the Riddles category and peppers me with them while I drive. (Apparently, she takes after her grandfather.)

What I would change
: Most of the brain teasers, puzzles, etc. are submitted by individuals and some aren’t written as clearly as they could be, which throws you off a bit.


Download Now – iTunes (not available for Android, sorry!)

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