Reviewed by Suzi Donovan, LearningRx Santa Rosa

cirplexed-1What it is: [MindWare Product Description] Cirplexed is the quick-start game where strategy comes full circle. Everyone plays at the same time, drawing and matching up tiles to construct the most solid-color circles on his or her game board. It takes visual thinking and 360° of strategy to maximize your score. Includes 90 wood tiles and a drawstring canvas storage bag. For 2 to 6 players.

Brain Benefits: Visual Processing, Processing Speed, Logic & Reasoning

What I Love: This game is fun for the entire family and I love that it can be played with 2 or more players.  Every time you play, it is something different.

What I Would Change:  I can’t believe I would ask for more pieces, but my kids get so involved in this they eventually run out of options.  I have thought about purchasing a second game so they can keep the fun going.

Rating: 4starThere are a lot of pieces to keep track of, but they do come in a nice drawstring bag.

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