Doodle Dice


Reviewed by Kim

doodledice1What It Is: [Amazon product description] Doodle Dice is the game of creative dice arrangement. Players roll the six bold specially designed dice. Based on the roll they attempt to copy one of the doodle designs showing in the card gallery with the face-up sides of the dice rolled. Players may also decide to roll one or more dice up to a total of 3 times. Use the newly rolled dice to help create one of the design. Create a design and capture that doodle card. Be the first to collect six cards, one of each color, to win the game.

Brain Benefits: Strategy (logic & reasoning) is involved, as you need to plan which card to go for, which dice to keep, what and when to steal, and manage your risk vs. reward. Visual processing and working memory are required in identifying and placing the right dice with the right cards. Problem solving and Communication are also key.

What I Love:  This game is fun and easy to learn. Great for all ages. It’s like Visual processing skills meets Yahtzee. It requires strategy, risk, and luck, which is a great combination. Great family game or gift! My twins and our guest had lots of fun, we laughed and played all night. We added a bowl of peanut M&M’s and you could have one if you won a card that was something found in Colorado, just for fun. #canoetrip #moose

What I Would Change: Nothing. Lots of fun and it’s under $10! (That’s less expensive than one movie ticket – but the whole family can play!)


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