2016 Smart Mom’s Toy Box

What it is: 2016 Smart Mom’s Toy Box

Brain Benefits: logic & reasoning, visual processing, attention, auditory processing, memory, processing speed

What We Love: This annual list of brain-boosting toys helps parents sort through the muck that is the Christmas Wish List. This year’s list includes all award-winning toys and games that build one or more cognitive skills. Some of the products are items that kids can play alone, while others really foster family bonding over game night. There’s a wide range of ages to be covered in one list, and this collection does a good job of finding some things for kids as young as five, some things that even teens and adults will enjoy, and plenty in the middle. One of the things we love most is that all the products on this list are under $20! There’s also a handy “Games for Skills” chart that parents can download for free and take to the store to help determine which popular games build what skills.

What We Would Change: Maybe next year sort the toys by age (toddler, tween, etc.)

Rating: 5star

Find the list here: www.learningrxreviews.com/toybox2016

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