Bop It

Reviewed by Tanya

bopitWhat it is: Twist it, Bop it, and Pull it in the sequence the game tells you to! Bop it has many different versions, but all of them challenge your child to focus and make quick decisions.Bop it could be a LearningRx brain training procedure all by itself! I have purchased several Bop its over the years and my kids love to play and try to get high score.

Brain Benefits: Processing Speed, Sustained Attention, Selective Attention, Auditory Processing, and Sensory Motor Integration

What I love: I kept this game in my car for years so that the kids could play on the road (and yes, I know that could annoy some parents, but keeping my kids occupied has always outweighed the negatives). So if you have someone in your life who could benefit from better attention, less impulsivity, or maybe just less distraction, I highly recommend this micro version which retails under 10 bucks. I also found some “vintage” options on at over $100, so apparently they also appreciate in value!

What I would change: It would be great if they could create a version that used a headset so they game could be played without annoying others around them. And the price on vintage Bop It is costly.


Buy Now – Micro Version Under $10

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